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Our Earth’s Future, An Online Course on the Science of Climate Change

The American Museum of Natural History is proud to offer a free, online course about the science of climate change—and how to talk about it. Running from October 20—December 14, participants will hear from scientists in the fields of climatology, oceanography, Earth science, and anthropology.

Study how climate change is affecting people and their ways of life, and become fluent in the science of climate change. Explore the multiple lines of evidence that human-induced climate change is happening today and consider what that means for the future of our planet. By the end of this course, through understanding key scientific principles, you will be able to confront misconceptions and contribute confidently to conversations about climate change.

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Owls may be symbols of wisdom, but they’re actually complete morons


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600 Million Years and Counting…

I was pretty bored so I decided to make some GIFs of the last 600 million years of our planet’s plate tectonics.

The first GIF is a global mollewide projection. The second one is of the Colorado Plateau and the North American Southwest. The next GIF is of the entire formation of the North American Continent. The fourth GIF is of geologic and tectonic evolution of Europe. And finally the last one is the same as the first except in rectangular format.

I obtained the images from Global Paleogeography and them compiled them one by one into Photoshop with the end result being the above GIFs.

Geology rocks